The Face Behind KickIt

Meet Dr. Frank Michalski, the face behind the KickIt brand.

Dr. Michalski is a licensed chiropractor, certified addiction recovery coach, functional medicine practitioner, online influencer, and above all else a former nicotine and cannabis consumer.

Dr. Michalski struggled with nicotine and cannabis substance use disorders since a young age to vapes, dipping tobacco, nicotine pouches, gums, the occasional social cigarette, dab pens, and dry herb.

After years of struggling with substance use and several failed quit attempts, Dr. Michalski has dedicated his life’s work to helping others through the power of mindset change their behaviors once and for all!

After accumulating a mass following of over 500 thousand subscribers on social media platforms dedicated to kicking nicotine and cannabis to the curb, Dr. Michalski knew there had to be something more to offer.

Combining several years of addiction recovery coaching experience, personal struggle, and a vast knowledge of supplements KickIt was born!

Over the past several years Dr. Michalski has received countless emails, thousands of DMs, and hosted several conversations with people expressing the challenges faced when trying to quit nicotine and cannabis products.

Are you ready to Kick It 🤩

The overall message is clear; people want to quit, but quitting support outlets are few and far between leaving thousands if not millions suffering from a life of endless substance consumption.

Quitting is not about what you are giving up, but everything you are gaining back.

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