How To Use KickIt

How Often?

We recommend chewing one piece of KickIt 3-5x per day for a minimum of 90 days. It takes about 90 days to form a new habit while breaking an old one.


Enjoy KickIt chews anytime a craving strikes, morning, afternoon, or evening.

Carry Tin

KickIt chews come with a discrete everyday carry tin. Reload your tin with a few chews daily to make sure your never caught off guard by cravings again.

Kickit App

KickIt chews are best used in conjunction with the KickIt App.

App Features

Inside the KickIt App you will find a KickIt calendar, KickIt timeline, savings calculator, interactive community of people, and tons of motivational resources on how to put down nicotine and cannabis products once and for all.

Free App

Purchase any of the subscription options for KickIt chews and receive free access to the KickIt App.

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