Top 10 Benefits Of Quitting Vaping

Top 10 Benefits Of Quitting Vaping

Thinking about quitting vaping?

If you are anything like me chances are you have scoured the internet looking up the "benefits of quitting vaping." 

So, you're not sure if quitting vaping is worth it? 

In short...yes, yes it's worth it. 

Here are 10 benefits of quitting vaping and smoking that I experienced. 

  • Improved Skin Health & Complexion
The chemicals inside vapes are very inflammatory. This can cause damage to the skin. Vaping also reduces blood flow which can lead to pale skin, not matter how much sun exposure you get. 
  • Better Quality Sleep

Nicotine is a stimulant. Nicotine stimulants the bodies fight or flight response spiking cortisol and adrenaline. This can negatively impact deep sleep.

When you sleep your body is meant to be detoxing and healing. With active nicotine addiction your body is kept in overdrive during the evening hours attempting to detox the toxins found within vapes.  

  • Less Urge To Snack 

Nicotine spikes cortisol and blood glucose levels. This results in elevated insulin levels, which can lead to increased hunger and fat storage. 

Quitting vaping can result in a decreased appetite following the initial stage of nicotine cravings and withdrawals. 

  • Increased Energy Levels 

Once you quit vaping and your sleep quality improves you should notice a boost in energy levels. This results from no longer dealing with the constant battle of your body detoxing the harmful chemicals in vapes. 

  • Less Brain Fog & Improved Focus

Many people think vaping improves focus. Although true in very small amounts most people who vape consume nicotine in far excess than what would be considered cognitively beneficial. 

Once the nicotine addiction settles in vaping becomes the focus, it no longer helps with focus.

  • More Money In The Bank
It's not only about the money not being spent on vapes but also the money you save on future health cost. Not to mention that money you spend on vapes could be put to better use investing or using to build your own business/ side hustle. 
  • Decreased Anxiety

Quitting vaping decreases anxiety because as mentioned above we are no longer constantly stimulating our bodies fight or flight response. 

We are also able to let go of health related anxiety concerns over future use and the money we are spending on the devices.  

  • Less Depression
Less anxiety, better skin, more money in the bank account, increased energy levels, who wouldn't be less depressed after quitting vaping. 
  • Improved Physical Performance
Once your breathing improves and your energy levels rebalance improved physical performance and recovery can be expected. 
  • More Disciplined

Quitting vaping, or any nicotine product for that matter, does require a certain amount of discipline. 

The discipline one can develop from quitting vaping can spill over into all aspects of life including finances, business, relationships and physical health. 

To be clear I did not see these benefits right off the bat.

I experienced the above benefits of quitting after getting through the detox and withdrawal process. For some this process can be between 14-90 days. 

Things temporarily got worse before they got better. 

But, it does get better. 

If you are ready to quit but are unsure where to begin, CLICK HERE to "kick start" your journey. 

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Dr. Frank (DC, CARC, CFMP)